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The Benefits of Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain Sufferers

The legalization of Cannabis is and has been a hot topic not only for the United States but for numerous other countries as well.  It is interesting to note that multiple states in the USA and regions in Canada have allowed the legal use of marijuana under certain circumstances.  The allowance of use has not been approved at the federal level nor has it been approved for recreational use.

Definition of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a discomfort that gradually increases over a period of time and eventually becomes a consistant pain and is often unaffected by medical treatments.  Acute pain, is just the opposite, occurs as a result of an accident or injury and is treatable.  Neither type of pain is wanted; in theory, all pain should be able to be treated for the relief of the patient. {{{o}}}

There are different types of reasons for the cause of chronic pain that also have the option of a medical prescription for the use of cannabis.  Such medical conditions are:  back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.  Other ongoing medical issues are:  osteoporosis, scoliosis and multiple sclerosis.

cronic pain picChronic Pain’s Original Treatments

It could be due to the negative hype that cannabis gets, but the medical use of marijuana is used as a last resort for a great number of people.  Chronic pains sufferer’s begin with more general forms of pain relievers, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, but after an extended period of time there may be no relief and another method of pain relief is needed.

Once the patient has discussed their concern with their doctor and that the treatments are not relieving the pain, then more advanced pain relievers are prescribed for the patient.  Some of the prescriptions can be addictive and lead to abuse, so there is a concern regarding the length of time the patient should take these medications.  In addition, the withdrawals that the patient may incur are also a concern to both the patient and doctor.

Chronic Pain and Medical Marijuana

When the pain relief medication processes, both the first and second attempts, have failed the patient then the doctor may prescribe “medical” marijuana or other even more extreme medications that have extreme side effects and a high rate of addiction.  Cannabis is a natural product; prescribed medications are man-made and can cause minor to extreme side effects that can harm the patient more than chronic pain affects them.

Migraines which are severe headaches can cause their own side-effects such as nausea, sensitivity to light and sound.  Prescribed medications are created to reduce these side effects; in most cases, the pain sufferers don’t take the prescription due to the effects that they themselves create.

It has been documented that Cannabinoids, in medical marijuana, have anti-inflammatory effects and can block dopamines.  Medical marijuana use has been documented throughout the nineteenth to current showing that it is successful.

A disease that affects the myelin in the spinal cord and brain is called MS or Multiple Sclerosis.  Myelin is the protective sheath around the nerves that protects them from being harmed.  The immune system, against the law of nature, sees the myelin as harmful and attacks it leaving the nerves exposed.  This process can cause, but not limited to, symptoms such as tingling, muscle spasms, tremors and paralysis.

The natural disease, MS, has its own side-effects, but the man made prescriptions to treat them have far great negative effects on the body.  MS patients have stated that the use of medical marijuana provides relief and more control to issues such as tremors and bladder control.  Studies have shown that THC can reduce the pain intensity caused by MS allowing better sleep for the MS patient.

Even though the medical conditions are severe and cause greater negative inflict on the patient, there is evidence that shows that medical marijuana can be a natural relief.  This outcome can occur not only for MS patients or ones with migraines, but for people with other life altering medical conditions.  For the benefit of all, studies should still occur to maintain the effects of medical marijuana for various medical diagnoses to ensure the positive effects of its use.


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