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Ten Pot Myths Exposed

As more and more studies show that marijuana is actually helpful in reducing many effects of numerous medical conditions, it is becoming more acceptable in our societies today.  Marijuana is considered a crop, just like wheat or soybeans, but because of the bad wrap it’s been given the legalization of it is still taking a long time to occur.
pot myths exposed


Myth #1 – Marijuana Causes Cancer   Studies have shown that marijuana does not cause cancer and that it can help with reducing some side effects that cancer causes.

Myth #2 – Marijuana Is Addictive   Using marijuana over an extended period of time can create a possible dependence but there no addictive substances in marijuana.  In addition, there are very few withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping marijuana usage. {{{o}}}

Myth #3 – Marijuana Is A Gateway Drug   Countless studies have been done to show that the “gateway” is due to other circumstances or issues.

Myth #4 – Marijuana Causes Brain Damage   There has not been one study that could validate this myth.  In fact, it has been shown that marijuana can protect your brain from heavy alcohol intake.

Myth #5 – Marijuana Has No Medical Uses   Even though governments have done studies to show that marijuana does not help with patients who suffer from AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, migraines, Glaucoma (to name a few) there have been numerous other studies that have proven the medical usefulness of marijuana.

Myth #6 – Marijuana Causes Lung Disease   There has been comparison between tobacco and marijuana in regards to lung disease for many years.  There is very little difference between marijuana and tobacco other than marijuana has psychoactive compounds and tobacco doesn’t.

Myth #7 – Marijuana Harms Sexual Maturation and Reproduction   Studies have not been able to disprove any hormone dysfunction or imbalance between users and non-users.

Myth #8 – Marijuana Is An Addictive Drug   Statistics can come from a variety of sources which can be used in a number of ways.  DAWN (Drug Abuse Warning Network) did a study in which the information came from emergency room treatment records.  The ER record can note if drugs or alcohol is a contributing factor to the visit.  If marijuana is specifically noted, it is one of the least noted drugs noted.

A 1992 report showed that out of the 433,493 emergency room cases in which drugs were mentioned, about 1% involved marijuana.  For persons under the age of 17, there are more marijuana occurrences than harder drugs.  In addition, for this same age group it is noted that over the counter drugs were documented more than marijuana.

Myth #9 – Marijuana Produces Amotivational Syndrome   There has been no study that could prove the use of marijuana reduced the grade point average of daily users compared to non-users.  Studies have been done to try to show a difference in workers who used to those who didn’t and there was no outstanding differences.

Myth #10 – Marijuana Is More Deadly Than Tobacco   It is interesting to note that equal amounts of smoked marijuana and tobacco contain the same amount of cancer causing compounds.  Statistics cannot show the number of marijuana smokers compared to tobacco smokers but there are definitely more patients who have cancer from tobacco and smokeless tobacco products than from smoking marijuana.

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