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Rolling Joints

When you have the final product of a mature marijuana plant, the next thing to do is to consume!  Let’s get rollin’! Of course, there are some things that you need first.  As with everything, there is some preparation required in order to smoke.


Gather together:

  • Rolling papers
  • Tobacco
  • Weed or Hash
  • Tip (roach or mouth piece) {{{o}}}

Roll out a piece of thick paper about 1 x 6 cm into a tight mouth-piece.  Then roll out the cigarette paper, glue side up and away from you.  Spread the crumbled weed onto the rolling paper and lastly, spread the tobacco evenly on the paper.

You will want to remove any big pieces or “woody” bits and mix well.  Lay the mouth piece on one side and pick up the paper gently with both hands and begin shaping it.  You want to start in the middle and roll outwards.  Your thumbs should be doing most of the work but your forefingers should provide support and pressure.  The roll should be becoming more firm and once done rolling, wrap the excess paper around the joint.

Use the mouth piece to get grip and then roll the paper into itself around the mouth piece.  Lick the paper and “glue” it together. Wala!

The mix is perhaps the most important part of the joint.  The consistency is even and the “bad” stuff has been removed.  The shape of the completed joint will be determined upon how the mis is placed on the paper.  If you rolled yours into a cone, which they usually do, don’t worry as it will smoke more smoothly than a straight joint.

Regarding adding the roach, placing it prior to rolling saves time and hassle and it will be less likely that it will fall out.

If the joint is too firm, it will be difficult to smoke; too loose gives a bad taste, burns too fast and can easily cause fires.  On the other hand, if the mixture is placed evenly, the paper is successfully rolled just right you should have an enjoyable experience.

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