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Cannabis Consumption FAQ

The two prominent ways of using cannabis is be either smoking or ingesting it. Depending upon who you talk to you will get a different answer each time and I hope that I can clear up some of your uncertainty on some subjects about cannabis. Smoking is the fastest way to get the effects that [...]

Legal Buds Review

One very trusted website you can obtain information at is Legalbuds.com. This website has been set in the internet for about ten years and it was established based on the subject of maintaining 100% legal hallucinogens; the medicinal effects are similar to those of marijuana. This website has available a variety of legal buds, herbal [...]

LED Grow Light Reviews

Listed below are the Top 10 LED companies. Click on each link to be taken to the specific review.  {{{o}}}  1.   Grow it LED 2.   Advanced LED Lights 3.   Earth Fire Gardens 4.   Prosource World Wide 5.   Hydro Grow LED 6.   Grow LED Hydro 7.   Hydroponics Hut 8.   Lighthouse Hydroponics (2009 Grow Boys Winner) 9.   Coming [...]

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Believe it or not, Growing Marijuana Indoors is indeed possible.  The process of growing cannabis indoors is not relatively new; since the first seedling was kept inside to grow there is much that has been learned from the process.  This process of growing inside, rather than out, is a whole new experience and evolution in [...]

Grow Marijuana Hydroponically

A very effective way of growing cannabis is by using a system called the hydroponic process.  Within this system, there is no medium (in other words no dirt) for the plant to grow in; the plant is directly fed via water.  This process to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically is a preferred method by more seasoned growers [...]

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing and maintaining a multitude of plants, such as in a garden, is a hobby for many people.  Growing marijuana in the great outdoors is the best environment for optimum growth since this is its natural environment.  Cannabis is, by nature, a weed so it loves to be outside as long as the elements are [...]

Indoor LED Grow Lights -What You Need to Know

There are a number of things that are required for plants to grow successfully. The purpose of meeting these requirements when growing plants indoors is because you must duplicate what Mother Nature is naturally providing to your plants outside. When preparing to grow plants indoors, one of the most important things to consider is the [...]

Bacteria MRSA Pic

Marijuana Chemicals May Fight MRSA

In an article published in September 2008 it referred to a study that was done on cannabinoids and that they could be used to fight staph infections that are drug resistant.  It went on to say that marijuana could have chemicals contained within it that antibiotics that some bacteria is now resistant to. There was [...]

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04 November 2010

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Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Marijuana

One of the irreversible medical conditions that is known by man today is multiple sclerosis. This disorder doesn’t distinguish between men or women nor the young or old. This condition happens when the body’s own immune system begins attacking itself. It is still unknown as to why this occurs but is can cause great havoc [...]

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03 November 2010

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Glaucoma and Cannabis

A medical condition that affects the eye and can ultimately cause the loss of vision is Glaucoma. This condition occurs when the eye’s drainage system is blocked. When the blockage happens, fluid builds up within the eye and can’t be released and therefore causes intraocular pressure. If this pressure reaches a certain limit or stays [...]

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02 November 2010

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Hepatitis C – The Silent Killer Can Medical Cannabis Help?

Sharing needles, an accidental needle stick, blood transfusions that occurred prior to 1990, unprotected six, unsanitary dental instruments, infected tattoo needle or even from dirty tools used by a manicurist one could possibly contract hepatitis C – a lethal killer. This killer is also known as HCV and attacks from the blood stream and has [...]

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02 November 2010

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The Medical Uses of Marijuana

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01 November 2010

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Cannabis Treats OCD

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, also known as SSRI’s, made their debut in the psychiatric field in the late 1980’s.  Campaigns for these drugs began flooding the public and medical sectors and led to huge profits and “successful” prescription drugs.  The pharmaceutical companies, with this enormous foothold in profits, released such recognizable drug names as Celexa, [...]

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01 November 2010

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Chemotherapy and Cancer

The main use for medical use of marijuana is to reduce vomiting and nausea.  These two symptoms are common in cancer patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments.  These particular treatments include very toxic substances that have an adverse affect on the body.  Cancer patients can become so ill that there is a loss [...]

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01 November 2010

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