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Medical Uses of Cannabis

Today there seems to be more and more medical concerns and a greater number of pharmaceutical products to go along with them.  It is scary to think that you go to the doctor for assistance and he in turn prescribes medicine that will help but in turn can give you a possible multitude of additional medical problems!  Where are the days in which a simple concoction can solve an ailment?

One concoction, Cannabis, has been around for centuries and used to assist with numerous ailments.  Results are different for everyone, as everyone is their own unique person.  The list of ailments that Cannabis can be used for is quite large of which some are as follows:  arthritis, cancer chemotherapy, AIDS Wasting Syndrome, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and migraines to name a few. {{{o}}}

first-aid-kitThere are so many different Medical Uses of Cannabis it would make this article extremely long, so let’s just touch on some of them.  This article is not for you to base your use of Cannabis on, but to help guide you in the possible use and effectiveness of it.  Beware, in some places, marijuana is illegal except for the explicit purpose of medical use if at all.

Most of us are aware that arthritis is known to occur in the older generations but can occur in younger people as well.  Arthritis, which affects the joints and surrounding areas, can be somewhat irritable to extremely painful.  Normally, drugs that contain Cortisone or a type of Cortisone are prescribed but the relief is short lived.  The side effects can include but not limited to nausea, insomnia, headaches and even cause irregular heartbeat.  Cannabidiol or CBD is a main ingredient in Cannabis that is a great anti-inflammatory agent.  Cannabis can be smoked or eaten; Cannabis poultices can be applied topically or applied in alcohol or as a cream.

Another medical condition that seems to be increasingly common is Glaucoma.  Glaucoma affects the optic nerve of the eye and can ultimately cause blindness.  Drugs that are currently prescribed are drops that are placed into the eyes and, again, the side effects of the drugs can be numerous.  If Cannabis is used as medical treatment, is can reduce the pressure in the eye and has been known to provide relief to last up to 4 to 5 hours.

One medical condition known as MS or Multiple Sclerosis reeks havoc on the protective covering of the nerve fibers causing disfunction of the nervous system.  This process can cause a range of loss from painful muscle spasams, paralysis to loss of bladder – just to name a few.  There are drugs that can provide temporary relief but nothing has been developed at this time that can provide any permanent relief.  When Cannabis was used by MS patients, it has been reported that they incur improved muscle coordination, lessons the other side effects of MS such as the blurred vision, depression and tremors.

The Medical Uses of Cannabis have been proven to show positive results for numerous medical issues with fewer side effects than the current medications available.  Positive results for depression, movement disorders, migraines, chronic pain, Dystonia and Parkinson’s Disease along with numerous other conditions to name even more.  What has happened to society over the past several decades to frown on Cannabis and its effects compared to modern pharmaceuticals?

Cannabis is all natural, no preservatives but yet it is illegal in most areas of our world.  It is a hearty plant and considered a weed.  It is easy to grow and is considered a crop.  It is grown just as any other crop such as grain, corn or soybeans.  As with anything, abuse is possible so mind the consumption level and use wisely.

There is a great amount of information available to you either on the internet or perhaps from a source that you feel comfortable with or perhaps even your doctor.  Remember that the effects of using Cannabis can be different to everyone but the results that occur to assist with the healing of a medical condition are very similar.

Pain killing properties, stress reducing, anti-inflammatory and just the simple ability to reduce the negative attributes of so many medical conditions is a benefit of Cannabis that can provide.  Research to gain knowledge about your condition and what Cannabis does to help you then discuss it with someone you trust.

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