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Medical Uses Marijuana

In the early 1970’s research discovered that marijuana contained several compounds that could minimize the severity of various medical ailments and the side effects that they give.  Once this information was released, the floodgates were opened to researchers within the medical industry to determine how, from a medical standpoint, marijuana could help people with certain medical conditions.  Study after study, test after test, the results are basically the same – there are benefits to the Medical Uses Marijuana can provide.


medical-usesRXMost of us wouldn’t think that marijuana could possibly help someone who has a medical condition; but why wouldn’t you give it a second thought? Especially since marijuana is, by nature, a plant found naturally in nature and has been used for centuries for its unknown healing powers.  How often have you or someone you know used herbs in the attempt to relieve such symptoms such as aches, pains or cramps?  Your local health and/or natural food store will offer a variety of herbs that you may already have on your bathroom shelf.

The Medical Uses Marijuana goes back centuries and it was used for a variety of different medical ailments.  It has been documented that marijuana was used for relief from cramps, nausea and relief from pain; the medical use of marijuana has been documented by numerous countries and by various cultures for a variety of reasons.  Somewhere along the way, the positive benefits of marijuana were discredited and it has now become illegal in many areas of the world today.

The studies that have been done have been done not only by the United States but by other countries as well, such as Columbia and the United Kingdom.  The researchers are fascinated by this plant and the Medical Uses Marijuana offers to people who have medical conditions that modern medicine is usually prescribed for to reduce a variety of symptoms.  A natural product, if used correctly, can reduce a multitude of medical symptoms.

Numerous studies have been done to validate the original discovery of the positive Medical Uses Marijuana can offer to patients who have medical conditions with terrible side effects.  The uses not only offer help with the side effects of the condition themselves, but with the side effects that the prescribed medicine gives.  We all know that modern medicine is great but it comes with its own double-sided sword.  Watch any commercial or read any ad for a particular medication and it will tell you the number of side effects from taking the medication are overwhelming.

Studies have shown that the symptoms such as loss of appetite from AIDS can be reversed and the nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy is reduced.  Studies have also shown that the intraocular pressure within the eyes can be minimized or even the inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis can be reduced.  Research has also shown that the medical use of marijuana can even stop the growth of breast cancer cells.  These are just a small sampling of the positive Medical Uses Marijuana can provide; remember to consult with your physician first as well as verify if the medical usage is legal where you live.

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