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Marijuana Cultivation

A very large number of plants that we have available to grow today, have been around for centuries.  Some plants are more liked than others and some plants can even be offensive to some people.  There are numerous names for Cannabis but most of us know it by the name marijuana.  Marijuana Cultivation process has occurred for decades and for various types of reasons.

It has been suggested that marijuana has been used as far back as the third millennium B.C.  The use of the plant has varied from spiritual or religious, medicinal to recreational purposes.  Also, Marijuana Cultivation has occurred in almost every country by multiple cultures.  In addition, this particular plant can grow almost anywhere so this quality does make it very helpful in growing it. {{{o}}}

To Grow Outdoors or Indoors

Since the first discovery of the Cannabis plant and the different uses that it can provide, it has since become considered as a crop.  Marijuana is rather easy to grow and can grow inside or outside which is great benefit to the farmer.  Of course, growing this particular species of plant indoors there are some compensations that the grower must make to successfully grow the plant.  Over the past, approximately fifty years, technology has provided the ability to this very thing.

It is obvious that growing weed outdoors, compared to indoors, will provide a much larger growing space, if one has the room, and the natural elements are already in existence so that there is not much left to do other than make sure the plant has enough water to grow.  Since this plant can grow almost anywhere, one must still ensure that it is protected from its natural enemies so that it can grow successfully and be fruitful.  Crops can be of all sizes from several acres to possibly several plants in pots that are located in a greenhouse.

If you live in an area in which marijuana is illegal, it is suggested that you do not grow the plant unless there are exceptions to that rule and if there are to follow them accordingly.  In addition, when growing outdoors there may be neighbors who may not agree with your choice of plantings and therefore you may want to include other plantings in the same area to camouflage your Cannabis plant.

Growing indoors does provide the opportunity of having a more secure grow to the “outside world” but does have its disadvantages that along with it.  Marijuana Cultivation indoors can be costly for the initial investment but positive results, with the right tools, will payback those start-up costs.  In addition and more importantly, is the thought and planning that must take place for successful indoor growing.

Thoughts and Planning

Growing a plant is relatively easy but for a healthy crop, there are some large similarities and differences of growing outdoors compared to cultivating indoors.  The first and foremost is that all the necessary elements are already available outside as this is where the plant originated.  For cultivation indoors, elements such as lighting, fresh air and watering are important elements that need to be taken into consideration.  From choosing the variety of Cannabis that you want to grow to harvesting the plants yields, Marijuana Cultivation can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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