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Marijuana Chemicals May Fight MRSA

In an article published in September 2008 it referred to a study that was done on cannabinoids and that they could be used to fight staph infections that are drug resistant.  It went on to say that marijuana could have chemicals contained within it that antibiotics that some bacteria is now resistant to.

There was research in both the United Kingdom and Italy in which cannabinoids, chemicals found in marijuana, were tested.  There are five major components of marijuana that were tested on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.  In the lab testing, all five components were able to kill the MRSA strains they were introduced to.  Even more so, some synthetic cannabinoids showed the same results.  During the research, cannabinoids were killing bacteria differently than current antibiotics that are being used.

MRSA can be spread via physical contact or by touching something an infected person has touched.  Symptoms of MRSA can include skin infections and the bacteria can seriously affect the weak and ill.  Two of the five compounds do not contain substances than can alter ones mood; this is important as perhaps these two can be used in medical circumstances.

The study was published in the Journal of Natural Products which also indicated that the researchers noted additional research is necessary.  Challenges in the treatment of various infections caused by numerous strains of bacteria are drug resistant and if marijuana can help in this fight, then indeed, new solutions are necessary.  The researchers concluded that “Plants are still a substantially untapped source of antimicrobial agents”.


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