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How to Grow Weed Hydroponically

How to Grow Weed Hydroponically the Easy Way 

What is there to say about growing weed? Actually there is quite a lot. For a successful crop, there needs to be a lot of thought that goes into the preparation to have a good grow. One way to grow is hydroponically, and if you don’t know how to grow weed hydroponically, this article will give you some useful information.

By definition, hydro is water and ponics is labor. The process of hydroponically growing something, regardless of the crop, is through the planting medium of water that is nourished rather than dirt or soil. This technique is called solution culture. However, the definition can be stretched and some plants can be grown in a medium such as gravel, perlite or mineral wool. This technique is called medium culture.

The discovery of hydroponics wasn’t until the early 19th century and since then, there has been a great deal of research on the subject. This process has become so popular and useful that even Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center in Florida uses this process in The Land Pavilion. NASA has and still is doing research on this soilless process.


  • No soil required
  • Water is recyclable
  • Amount of fertilizer/nutrition controlled
  • No loss of toxins from fertilizer/nutrition
  • Healthier and larger yields
  • Pest control simpler


  • High moisture levels
  • Salmonella growth
  • Special fertilizers/containers required

How To Grow Weed HydroponicallyWith a little background and the advantages and disadvantages provided, let’s continue and be more specific on how to grow weed hydroponically. Before I go any further, check with your local ordinances and State laws to determine if weed is legal. You certainly wouldn’t want to spend a bunch of money, get half way through the grow and loss everything.

Before you can start any grow, you need to gather everything you will need beforehand; so make a list of everything you will need and also of what needs to be prepped in order to start the grow. Let’s back up a bit because before you start buying anything you need to know where the grow will occur (basement, garage, closet) and how much space you have. Knowing the amount of space will help to determine the amount of materials as well as the amount of lighting you will need; this is a very important part of how to grow weed hydroponically.

Once you know how much space you will use, will you be buying a system or building your own? There are a number of kits available and this might be the easiest way to go for beginners. Otherwise, building your own can be fun but could also become more expensive due to you would be buying each part of the system separately and choose to upgrade a particular item. You could also buy a basic kit and then add special features to it to make the system even better and more specified to your needs. You will discover your specific needs as you learn how to grow weed hydroponically and especially during your first grow.

Learning how to grow weed hydroponically can be done in several different ways. Most importantly you will need a container to hold the plants and the water, access to water, a way to drain, flush or cycle the water, lighting and ventilation. Depending upon the system chosen to grow the crop, it will determine any specifics that need to be considered.

The ebb and flow system is also called the flood and drain system. The pots holding the plants sit in water in which the roots are supported by some type of medium other than soil. The container that the pots are in is set into a larger container which is the reservoir with a nutrient solution.

A drip system is the most common and is widely used in commercial hydroponic applications to grow crops such as tomatoes. This type of system provides ample amount of aeration as the roots are partially submerged but never get to dry out. Just like a drip system you would use in your flower beds, is the concept you use in how to grow weed hydroponically.

The process of learning how to grow weed hydroponically takes a little time to understand how the process works and how you can make it work for you. Growing crops is always a learning experience; having knowledge and being prepared you can have a successful hydroponic grow.

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