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How do you Grow Weed Indoors

How Do You Grow Weed Indoors?

Well, let’s see; wouldn’t it be just like growing any other plant indoors? No, it’s not. Weed is technically a crop and must be treated as such. It is grown and harvested for a byproduct it offers so there are different procedures that need to be followed compared to those of a “regular” house plant. So how do you grow weed indoors?

Before considering if you are going to grow it indoors, you need to make sure that you can grow it legally. This is the best route and should be the only route to take. In most places, marijuana is illegal; the levels of precautions that are taken as to not get caught are not worth the risk of losing everything.  In some places, it may not be legal unless you have permission for medicinal purposes only.

Once you know you can legally grow, then you can start planning and prepping for your first grow. You can grow outdoors, but your neighbors may not be too happy. So move indoors; so how do you grow weed indoors? It is easier than you think but if you want a successful and big grow, you will need to make several investments for the successful grow.

This isn’t to say that you could just plant the germinated seed in a pot and set it next to a window, but to ensure that your seeds get everything they need they will need a little more than some dirt and a window. How do you grow weed indoors is with a little work, the right tools and supplies and some time. Of course, there is more to it than that; you really thought it was that simple?

What you will need is more than just dirt and a window. For a more involved grows you will need to consider the following:

  • Location and space of grow
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Ventilation
  • Temperature
  • Fertilizer

how to grow weed indoorslpicOkay, so the list noted above doesn’t seem to involved, but let’s get a little more involved into each one; as we do, you will answer the question of how do you grow weed indoors. The first one is location and space of grow. You need to decide where the grow will occur because once the grow starts, it’s best to keep it in the same spot. You will also need sufficient amount of width and height for the plants to grow in; a closet or underneath stairs is a great place.

The second consideration in how do you grow weed indoors is the lighting. Plants need light to grow and indoors, they won’t get the same type of light as they would outside. Investing in some grow lights or better yet LED lights which provide broader spectrum light that plants need.

Irrigation is watering; plants need water and they will need to be watered on a regular basis. Don’t forget to take into consideration that there will be overflow of which will need to be removed. Trays or a bathroom close by would be helpful to have.

Ventilation is also important; your plants will need a constant supply of fresh air. In addition, when the lights are on, the area will become very warm and the temperature can’t get too warm. Circulating the air helps to reduce the temperature as well provide fresh air.

As with any other plants, when learning how do you grow weed indoors, fertilizer is an important step in growing healthy plants. Again, since the plants are not outside, they need extra attention. Fertilizer provides nourishment that the plants require; in addition, when the plants are watered and the pots drain, the fertilizer will drain out in the water. Replacement of the fertilizer is necessary to keep food in the soil.

So in the process of learning how do you grow weed indoors, you have learned that location, lighting, irrigation/water, ventilation, temperature and fertilizer are all important keys to a successful grow. The more optimum the space, lighting and ventilation you provide the healthier and bigger grow you will have.

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