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Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing and maintaining a multitude of plants, such as in a garden, is a hobby for many people.  Growing marijuana in the great outdoors is the best environment for optimum growth since this is its natural environment.  Cannabis is, by nature, a weed so it loves to be outside as long as the elements are best suited for the plant to thrive in.  As with any other plant, the basic concept of growing a healthy plant also applies to growing marijuana.

Basic Needs {{{o}}}

The basis of growing any healthy plant is by having good soil.  All plants require a good soil in order to grow appropriately and healthy in order to produce blossoms or fruit.  Prior to planting, if you are unsure of the type of soil you have in your garden, you can take a sample to your local nursery who can advise what is needed, if any, to make your ground suitable for growing plants.  In addition, make sure that the planting area is free of large debris such as rocks and trees.  Also, proper drainage is essential so that your plants will not be setting in water which can ultimately cause decay.

As with growing any plant, you should be aware of the elements in nature and the general weather in your area.  Do you have extremely cold winters and hot summers? Are there a great number of outdoor pests that could possibly harm the plants?  Also you will need to be aware, as with harvesting any other plant that produces a product we can consume, when is the right time to plant and to harvest.  If you are fortunate enough to have good soil and beings that the cannabis is a weed, basic maintenance would be to make sure the plant is provided ample water and nutrients when needed.

The Proper Place

There are numerous areas to choose when planting and growing marijuana.  If one has enough land, the plants could be placed far enough away from the residence but close enough to keep an eye on.  The plants can be grown in a greenhouse which can be placed appropriately which allows easy access to provide proper maintenance.  If you decide to grow your plants close to neighbors, be prepared for neighbors to notice and possible question you on your plants.  You may want to grow other plants in and around your cannabis to avoid unwanted attention.

Growing marijuana outside is much less of a hassle than indoors but ensuring that the plant is not over watered or receives too much heat and receives the appropriate nutrients, if needed, are the basic tasks needed for growth.  As a side note to discussing the environment, choosing the variety of marijuana is also important to ensure that it can indeed grow where you live.  With choosing the proper seed, the proper place to plant and grow your cannabis, and by doing the proper tasks the plant may need will result in a happy and healthy plant.  Remember, the plant is a weed so can be happy almost anywhere.

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