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Growing Marijuana Indoors

Believe it or not, Growing Marijuana Indoors is indeed possible.  The process of growing cannabis indoors is not relatively new; since the first seedling was kept inside to grow there is much that has been learned from the process.  This process of growing inside, rather than out, is a whole new experience and evolution in the farming world.  This process will take some of the space in your home and is also an investment of your time and finances.

Required Decisions {{{o}}}

Once you have decided to grow indoors, the first decision is to decide where the growing and cultivation will take place.  The area chosen will need to be properly prepped to house everything you will need in order to successfully grow inside.  You will need to take into consideration the number of plants that will be grown, the electrical sources that are available for the lighting, ventilation availability, plumbing accessibility and of course the necessary equipment.

Thorough planning is the key to successfully Growing Marijuana Indoors.  The process of growing a plant, regardless of what variety, can be exciting from watching it begin from a seed to the end result of a mature plant.  Good planning will ensure that your plantings will mature into healthy adult plants.  The process of choosing the variety you want to grow, germinating the seed, planting the seedling to the flowering process can be rewarding.  Unfortunately, without good preparation, not having the right lighting and ventilation can be harmful to grow indoors and would result in a poor, if any, harvest.

Once the plant has grown enough to have the strength to bear fruit, the duration that the lights will be on should shorten from 18 to 24 hours to 12 hours.  Cannabis needs 12 hours of light and then 12 hours of darkness to continue its growth pattern.  The darkness is very helpful in developing the hormones that are necessary for appropriate flowering.  In addition, this stage of growing will both induce the cycle of pre-flowering and flowering (pre-bud) processes.

The Excitement Builds

At the pre-flowering stage, the signs of its gender will be shown and this is extremely important for the grower.  The male plant has crescent shaped pods that will droop; these pods are flowers and when it’s time they will shed the pollen to fertilize the females.  This fertilization forces the females to produce seeds rather than buds.  When a male is discovered, it should be removed from the room.  The female plant will show a pear-shaped module of which will have 2 pistils.  These pistils will occur at the stem splits off into a smaller twig which will have a leaf attached to it.

Since it can be difficult to determine the sex of the plants, when the time arrives, it is very useful to have a high quality magnifying glass available to assist with the sex determination.  Once the separation of male and female plants has transpired and about 6 weeks has lapsed, the female plant begins to grow bud which is what the grower is ultimately wanting from all the hard work.

Now the weed is going to bloom and also produces an odor that this is where good ventilation is needed when Growing Marijuana Indoors.  Once the branch is cut and is checked for the quantity of THC (false seed pods) that has been produced then is left to dry for 2 weeks.

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