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Grow Marijuana Hydroponically

A very effective way of growing cannabis is by using a system called the hydroponic process.  Within this system, there is no medium (in other words no dirt) for the plant to grow in; the plant is directly fed via water.  This process to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically is a preferred method by more seasoned growers of marijuana as there is great potential for a much larger yield.  The lighting and nutrients that is necessary for the plant to grow healthy the best environment are totally controlled by the grower.  Although the grower has control of the growth of the plants, the downside is that the initial investment can be costly and a great deal of time is required to ensure that the growing process is successful. {{{o}}}

The Basics

As noted earlier, the hydroponic system of growing plants is a method in which the roots of a plant are not grown in dirt.  This unique system allows for a plant to be grown in open air or, if one chooses, a growing medium such as clay pellets.  In other words, the plant is grown with its roots exposed with nothing to stop the roots from growing.  The plant, via its root system, received its nutrients by either a drip system or from being sprayed by the grower.  Since plants require water for growth, the liquid provided is to stop the hydration process that can occur and also to provide the necessary chemicals and nutrients that it needs to grow in a healthy manner.

Growing plants using the hydroponic method does require quite the set-up.  It is very likely that a small room will be dedicated to the growing.  There is a great deal to ensure for an adequate for the perfect growing environment is done prior to the initial planting.  The area/room must have appropriate temperature control adjustability, timer switches will be needed to regulate the lighting and ventilation is extremely important (not only for the plant but for the smell).  Of course the process for watering will need to be addressed which includes proper plumbing to both fed the plants as well as remove the excess water, if any.

The Process

To Grow Marijuana Hydroponically is a relatively simple process.  A growing medium is used for the seedlings to begin their growing life; the medium is used only to ensure that the plants receive a consistent feeding of a water solution.  Depending upon the particular water system you decide upon, the plants may need to be on some type of floating device which will allow the plant to drift in the water solution.  An ordinary aquarium air pump can provide the roots of the plant sufficient amount of oxygen.  An alternative process would be by using small clay pebble stones for the medium the plant can grow in.  If using this particular process, the roots will require spraying or a drip system to receive optimum nutrients and therefore would need to be on a strict “feeding schedule”. 

Farmers who use the hydroponic method are very adamant that this form of growing is better than the traditional process due to the fact that the yield is larger, therefore more profitable, and also weed free.  Plants that are grown via the hydroponic method are no different than those that are grown the traditional way.  Whatever process you choose to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically, make sure you research all aspects from choosing the variety of plant and all that it entails to provide you with the results you want to achieve.

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