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Rolling Joints

When you have the final product of a mature marijuana plant, the next thing to do is to consume!  Let’s get rollin’! Of course, there are some things that you need first.  As with everything, there is some preparation required in order to smoke.   Gather together: Rolling papers Tobacco Weed or Hash Tip (roach […]

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pot myths exposed

Ten Pot Myths Exposed

As more and more studies show that marijuana is actually helpful in reducing many effects of numerous medical conditions, it is becoming more acceptable in our societies today.  Marijuana is considered a crop, just like wheat or soybeans, but because of the bad wrap it’s been given the legalization of it is still taking a […]

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passing your drug test pic

Cannabis Drug Testing

There are a number of different tests that can be administered to determine if there is a certain level of cannabis in the blood stream. The information that will be provided to you in this article has been gathered from various sources; the detection periods can vary from person to person due to the number […]

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