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Cannabis Consumption FAQ

The two prominent ways of using cannabis is be either smoking or ingesting it. Depending upon who you talk to you will get a different answer each time and I hope that I can clear up some of your uncertainty on some subjects about cannabis.

Smoking is the fastest way to get the effects that cannabis can provide although it’s not the most efficient way. When smoking, carcinogens are passed through and can irritate your throat and most can be removed if filtered through a water pipe first. The THC compound in cannabis has been shown that it can help in purging particulates found in the lungs.

Most people smoke marijuana in the form of a cigarette which is pot that has been destemmed and rolled in paper. When cleaning your own, it is very helpful to have a tray with high sides so that you don’t lose anything off of the sides.

There are quite of few different types of papers you can choose from; papers come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns and even the amount of glue that is on the edges. You may want to invest in a roller but the old fashioned way is the best (once you practice enough, you’ll do just fine).

When you smoke a cigarette and it gets down to a small stumpy piece, it then is called a roach and somewhat difficult to hold. If you don’t want to burn your fingers, you can buy a “roach clip”; the clips look similar to a pair of tweezers or pliers that have ceramic holes in them where the roach would be inserted.

There is etiquette when smoking and that is to pass the cigarette around but you don’t have to take a “toke” if you don’t want to but make sure to keep passing it around. Also, hoarding it is not good either and this is called bogartting and should never be done. In addition, if someone has smoked too much, they should not be allowed to smoke anymore – simply take the cigarette away and pass it on.

Bongs or water pipes use water to filter and cool the smoke before it passes through to your lungs. The bottom part is sealed and partially filled with water while the other end holds the grass; a tube extends from the water part and draws the smoke to the top going through the water, out the tube and into the mouth.

Bongs are available in different shapes and sizes but not really transportable. The main reason to use one is for the filtering process to remove the carcinogens and not the THC component. Sometimes other fluids are used instead of water such as beer or hard liquors which don’t filter the weed like water does. Almost forgot, there is a small hole on the water chamber called the carburetor and should be covered at the beginning of the hit, then just before the hit is complete, then uncover it to draw out the smoke from the chamber.

The simplest tool to use is a pipe. Pipes are similar to tobacco pipes but smaller and can be made from a number of different materials. In a pipe, the pot is always burning out and you have to constantly relight. A variation is a stash pipe that holds a small amount of pot and works somewhat better. Some stash pipes even have a chamber that holds the smoke with the weed for a more potent end result.

Possibly the quickest way to smoke and not smoke an entire joint is with a one-hit or dugout. These are a small tube or circular device with one end being hollow and the other the mouthpiece. A small amount of weed is inserted into the hollow end and then lit. One-hit is just that, one hit; a dugout is one-hit with one back-up included.

A gas pipe or carbureted pipe is an open ended tube with a small bowl near one end which is perpendicular to the main axis of the tube itself. You cover the end near the bowl with your hand and draw the smoke into the tube until the bowl is burned out, the hand is removed and the smoke rushes into your mouth.

A gravity bong uses water pressure to obtain the smoke. A canister that’s open on one side and a small hole where a bowl is placed on the other. The open end is placed in a large container of water until the inside is full of water. The filled bowl is attached and flame applied to the weed that’s in it. Slowly lift the canister and as it’s lifted the water trapped inside will try to get out the open end and into the jug due to force of gravity creating a vacuum at the top of the chamber near the bowl. The vacuum draws out the smoke and into the empty chamber while replacing the water at the same time.

Amazingly enough, the active compounds in cannabis will easily absorb fat and alcohol so it makes it a great candidate to add to your cooking and baking. When adding it to your food, it makes using cannabis much easier as you don’t have to deal with the papers and other tools although the body takes longer to absorb the pot. This is a great way for people who don’t want to smoke but want or need the effects that cannabis can give.

Eating marijuana sounds disgusting but it’s not, the main component that you are looking for, the THC, is in the weed regardless if it’s smoked or eaten. You can eat it raw but it can be really strong and the potency is usually increased when heating it. Using it is butter or oil is a great way to begin using it in cooking and/or baking. Most of the most common ways to eat it is by adding it to brownies. Brownies are sweet and mask the flavor of the marijuana or hash that is added.

Another way to intake marijuana is by drinking it; absinthe is the result of pot that has been soaking in alcohol. This drink is also called “Green Dragon” as the color is a light green and you can drink it straight but it should be mixed. One favorite drink is 3 parts lemon lime soda, 1 part Green Dragon, and about a tablespoon of honey and serve it over ice.

The active ingredients within the pot can be removed with alcohol and then use it to make a drink but only one with a high proof should be used (recommending at least 190 proofs). The reason for this is that the water in the lower contents will leech the carcinogens. You can also place the leaves directly in the grain alcohol but this process takes several weeks. You can also heat the leaves and the alcohol together (don’t boil as this reduces the effect). Use a low to medium heat as you don’t want to have the possibility of a fire; remove from heat and allow to cool then enjoy!

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