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Cannabis Cigarettes May Reduce Neuropathic Pain

A study that was done in 2008 in California showed that by smoking marijuana, the pain intensity of patients with neuropathic pain was reduced.  Both a low and high dosage provided relief in patients compared to a placebo.  This is another example showing that managed smoking for medical conditions is helpful to the patient.

Even though several federal health departments, such as the FDA, state that there is no scientific evidence to support cannabis for medical purposes even though they state that patients do use marijuana to successfully relieve pain. {{{o}}}

Studies that have been done in the United States continually show conflicting results, as if the federal government does not want to state that cannabis can assist with medical issues.  It must be stated at this time that some individual states do allow the use of marijuana but for medical purposes only and there are strict guidelines in which to follow.

Intense Pain

Studies have been done to determine if there was a reduction in the measure of pain after smoking cannabis.  The determination has shown that pain intensity was reduced the patient felt more comfortable and were more capable of handling the pain.  Patients do, with high doses of marijuana, feel a “high” but made no significant changes with their behavior.

Neuropathic Pain picCognitive Performance

For patients with neuropathic pain, the use of cannabis did show a decline in their cognitive performances especially at higher doses even though the pain intensity decreased.  This shows that the medical use of marijuana in patients with this type of medical condition can medically use cannabis but should be closely monitored and must not abuse the smoking otherwise daily activities could be negatively affected.

It is possible that lower dosages, than used in the study, could be taken without consequences and still receive relief with pain.  Further study would need to be done to validate this for patients with chronic pain.

More and more studies are being done to determine the effects of smoking cannabis for medical purposes.  In addition, the parameters of the studies are also changing to take into consideration different aspects of different lifestyles and medical conditions as more information is being learned.


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