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Some of The Medical Conditions Medical Marijuana Can Be Used To Treat

More and more people who are suffering from a variety of medical conditions are finding that marijuana can assist them in relieving their symptoms and pain.  The people who try marijuana for medical purposes state that it has greatly helped them with dealing with every day medical issues.  Some may dispute this, but as the saying goes “the truth is in the pudding”.  Beware, some state consider marijuana an illegal substance – even for medical purposes.


It is interesting to note that with the modern science and technology today, there does not seem to be a cure for cancer.  Although, most do not know, the top medical condition that marijuana is used for is for cancer.  It provides the patient with relief of the symptoms the disease causes.  In several states, such as California, this is the mail reason marijuana use for medical use only has been allowed.  There are restrictions related to these laws and if not followed, the use would be considered illegal.

medical conditions picEven though research to show the benefits of using marijuana on other medical conditions have been successful, laws still have not been implemented to allow legal medical use of marijuana.  Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s and AIDS have all had studies done in which the results show improvement in some aspect of the patient and how the medical condition affects them.

Chronic pain, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, anxiety and depression are some other medical conditions in which studies have shown that patients who use marijuana receive relief from pain, swelling, reduced spasms, tremors and other symptoms that are associated with those conditions.

Remember that in order for you to use marijuana legally, you need to live in an area in which it is legal and must obtain approval for the use.  Check with your doctor to see if they can assist you.


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